Jupyter Enterprise Gateway

Jupyter Enterprise Gateway is a pluggable framework that provides useful functionality for anyone supporting multiple users in a multi-cluster environment. Some of the core functionality it provides is better optimization of compute resources, improved multi-user support, and more granular security for your Jupyter notebook environment–making it suitable for enterprise, scientific, and academic implementations.

From a technical perspective, Jupyter Enterprise Gateway is a web server that enables the ability to launch kernels on behalf of remote notebooks. This leads to better resource management, as the web server is no longer the single location for kernel activity.


By default, Jupyter runs kernels locally - potentially exhausting the server of resources. By leveraging the functionality of the underlying resource management applications like Hadoop YARN, Kubernetes, etc., Jupyter Enterprise Gateway distributes kernels across the compute cluster, dramatically increasing the number of simultaneously active kernels.


Jupyter Enterprise Gateway leverages local resource managers to distribute kernels